Apply for a New Service Connection

Water service line from main into building.You can apply for new water or sewer services by completing a Water and Sewer Service Application (PDF) or calling DPU at 518-237-0241.

New water and sewer service connections, from the main to the curb, will be installed by DPU at the expense of the property owner or applicant. The property owner is responsible for installing the service from the curb into the building. Where necessary, building and/or site plans must be submitted with the application to determine the best location for the water or sewer service. Water and sewer services will not be installed in the same trench and there must be ten feet separation where feasible.

Charges for new services will be determined on the following basis:

  • Equipment at cost.
  • Materials at cost plus 20%.
  • Labor at cost plus 40%.

Service trenches within the street will be backfilled, and paving and sidewalks will be restored by DPU at the expense of the owner or applicant.

Water Service

Installation, in general, will include all pipe and fixtures from the water main up to and including the curb stop valve. The size of the service shall be determined by DPU. Services 2” and smaller will have a curb stop located between the curb and the property line. Larger services will have a valve located in the street near the main.

A water service will not be connected to a houseline until the houseline installation has been completed, metered, inspected, and approved by DPU.

Sewer Service

Installation, in general, will include all sewer pipe from the sewer main to the curb line. The size of the service shall be determined by DPU but will be no less than 6” and no larger than the diameter of the main or trunk sewer. Pipe will be PVC conforming to the current ASTM standards.

For new construction, state law mandates the separation of storm and sanitary lines. Storm water—whether from roof gutters, down spouts, footing and foundation drains, or sump pumps—shall not be connected to the sanitary sewer lateral. It may be discharged on-site if the lot is large enough to allow absorption without impacting surrounding properties, or may be discharged into an on-site dry well. Storm water may also be collected on-site and conveyed to a City drainage structure if one exists.

Termination of Service

If you need to terminate your water or sewer service, please complete a Water and Sewer Service Application (PDF) or call DPU at 518-237-0241. Charges for service terminations will be determined on the same basis as the installation of new services.