Shutoff Policy

The City has the authority to discontinue your water service or shut off your water in compliance with the duly adopted City of Troy, Department of Public Utilities, "Rules and Regulations," Section 111. Under that section, the department can discontinue water service for various reasons.

The procedures the City must follow to discontinue or shutoff water service are:

  1. A customer receives a quarterly water and sewer bill for three months usage. The bill will have a due date thirty days from the date of issue to have payments received by the City.
  2. A water and sewer bill unpaid after thirty days from the date of issue will have a service charge of 5% of the total unpaid bill added.
  3. Sixty days after the date of issue, an additional service charge of 5% on the total unpaid balance will then again be imposed.
  4. The customer then receives his/her next quarterly water and sewer bill, which also includes his/her previous quarterly bill outstanding, in addition to the service charges or late penalties incurred.
  5. The customer has thirty days from the date of issue to pay the bill.
  6. The day after the due date, a report is run listing all the accounts with two quarterly water and sewer bills unpaid.
  7. A letter is then sent to each of these customers giving them an additional ten days from the date of the letter to pay their outstanding balance. This letter also notifies the customer that if the account is not paid by the extended due date, the water will be shut off.
  8. The following week, those accounts still unpaid are shut off.
  9. The water will not be turned back on until the entire outstanding balance is paid.
  10. After an account has had the water service shutoff, the account will be charged for the service call. The bill will range from $30 to $200 depending on whether the water service was also turned back on and what time of day it was restored.