2023 Trash Barrel Program

About the Program

Through this program, Collar City residents with municipal recycling and trash service will receive one standardized, lidded trash barrel per unit, funded through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Mayor Madden first announced this citywide program in his 2023 State of the City Address

This City initiative provides residents with municipal service equal access to sturdy, lidded barrels, and will decrease wind-blown litter, overfull containers, and animal's access to trash. The majority of barrels will be 96-gallons. A limited quantity of smaller barrels (32-gallon) will also be available to satisfy residents' needs, ease of use, and aesthetics. Fees remain unchanged. 

The trash barrels will be delivered to addresses without City-issued barrels in mid- April.  Barrels will be delivered in zones. Details will be posted on this page. 

Request Smaller (32-gallon) Barrel Size

  1. CitySealHighResRequest Smaller Trash Barrel Size


    Please use the form below to request the smaller size trash barrel (32 gallons). Please be sure to enter the address to where you want it delivered and a valid email address or phone number. Fees remain unchanged.

    Property Address: Use our property search site to lookup property address or tax map number.

    Questions: contact the Office of General Services by calling (518) 271-5237 or emailing javi.najera@troyny.gov.

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