2023 Trash Barrel Program

About the Program

Through this program, Collar City residents with municipal recycling and trash service received one standardized, lidded trash barrel per unit, funded through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). 

This City initiative provides residents with municipal service equal access to sturdy, lidded barrels, and will decrease wind-blown litter, overfull containers, and animal's access to trash. The majority of barrels will be 96-gallons. A limited quantity of smaller barrels (32-gallon) are also available to satisfy residents' needs, ease of use, and aesthetics; contact City Hall if you are interested in a 32-gallon barrel. 

Whether you have a 32-gallon barrel or a 96-gallon barrel, fees remain unchanged

If your trash barrel is broken or damaged, you can request a replacement/repair by calling 518-271-5237 or e-mailing cleanstreets@troyny.gov.

Read more about the launch of this program.